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Family matters

So we now have a basic rhythm. This is very important  with young children, in a new situation even more so. Being a toddler and getting used to life here, starting to go to childcare/preschool, hearing and learning to speak … Lees verder

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New Plan for a New Deal

I am finding increasingly that the categories I have outlined at the inception of this blog (see right-hand side) no longer really match the kinds of posts I write. This is a natural development, but is also due to some … Lees verder

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A Regular Week @ Yale

Now that things are beginning to settle down, we start to look like this. And our week in very schematic terms looks like this: on Monday morning we leave home all together at 8:00 and drop the kids off at … Lees verder

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Serendipity, where are you hiding?

It’s been a long time since I was really focused on work in the first place. Most of August I have spent creating the conditions to be able to work really productively at Yale later. That “later” is now, and … Lees verder

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FDR American Badass, the Final Showdown

A while ago I blogged a couple of times about FDR American Badass! (here, here and here for instance) because I was thinking about it a great deal. Following those blogposts, I’ve presented my thoughts about it in various contexts … Lees verder

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Arrived at Yale

On Monday morning we set off from home, and now, at the end of the work week, we’re pretty well settled in in New Haven. I’m sitting in a café opposite the Hall of Graduate Studies and imagine I’m impersonating … Lees verder

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In-between-ness (no FDR in this post!)

These days are characterized by a strong sense of being in between things. A few days ago I finished the first draft of the last chapter of my dissertation-to-be. This does not mean the thing is nearly done. Indeed there … Lees verder

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Couples on holiday

We are currently on holiday (well, a long weekend) in Groningen. We’re camping – an important first time for the kids – with Gert & José Datema, whose farm, campsite and B&B I first visited in 1993 and which I … Lees verder

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Mary Todd Lincoln

In previous blogposts I have discussed the two Franklin Roosevelt films that came out in 2012 (Hyde Park on Hudson and FDR American Badass!), but that year also saw two Abraham Lincoln movies: the Lincoln (Steven Spielberg, starring Daniel Day … Lees verder

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Eleanor? Roosevelt? Eleanor Roosevelt? ER?

I am currently working on a chapter treating Eleanor Roosevelt as an element in FDR’s autofabrication and in his public image as it has developed since. One problem that keeps cropping up is what to call her. I often tell … Lees verder

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