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One problem with the daily categories on this blog is that some are much easier to fill than others. I always have inspiration to write about autofabrication, media or memory and rarely miss the opportunity to report about my week, … Lees verder

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Autofabrication through Post Office Murals? (A Plea for Help)

As you will have gathered from some of my previous posts (like this one and this one) and from my radio silence in the last few days: I am very busy writing a chapter – two actually – about Roosevelt’s … Lees verder

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Memory Day: Come All Ye Faithful!

First, briefly, in response to my request yesterday for help with reading the puzzling picture below, my colleague Janna Houwen  brought this Polyptych of St. Peter by Pietry Perugino to my attention. Viewed in that context – the sacred blue … Lees verder

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My Week & New Deal Autofabrication

The first part of this post should obviously have been written last Friday, but I was busy having a friend and her nearly-two-year-old son to stay. Writing it now, however, enables me to include a very illuminating conversation with her, that … Lees verder

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Tuesday – New Media Day

Yesterday (Monday) was the day I wrote the piece I had been putting off actually writing all of last week. But after I had laid that Easter egg, I had no energy left to write about Autofabrication. Although I did … Lees verder

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Monday – Autofabrication Day

All famous academics have coined a concept, so in a wave of megalomania I thought I should do one too. Autofabrication. Basically, it is a response to the fact that Stephen Greenblatt’s term self-fashioning is often misused as meaning “creating … Lees verder

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