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PosterParty_1_JPGSaturday is really Events day, but the memorable event of this week was on Friday (although it continued well into Saturday): the LUCAS party, organized by the LUCAS PhD Council (of which I am chair, until this coming summer). It was a great party: lots of cool people, great music by the LUCAS Band (formed especially for the occasion) and one of the best-ever dress codes for a party for academics: Come As Your Thesis. As it turned out, this was a brilliant topic, for one thing because in the LUCAS-humanities (media, literature, art history etc.), people have research topics that are relatively easy to turn into a recognizable costume (something I realized only when Vincent tried to dress as his thesis, which is on infinite-dimensional symmetry).

Surprisingly many LUCAS affiliates came as nuns or monks (scribes presumably) and as manuscripts, but there were also many togas, a bunch of medical doctors of sorts, and an early eighteenth century damsel giving birth to rabbits. I was the only Roosevelt, and not a very convincing one because I had not had the time and stamina to arrange a wheelchair. Still, it’s very good for the identification with one’s topic, I found. Another reason why I would advise everyone in academia to organize a party with a dresscode like this, is that it really did seem to work to get usually introverted (and lonely!) academics who are very focused on their individual research topics to talk to and even dance with each other. The costumes were a great occasion to ask about each other’s research – which, for our tribe, seems to be an ever exciting and yet safe topic for striking up conversations. I’m very much considering doing this (come as my thesis) much more often.

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