Getting to Monterey (post for people back home)


So this is Ilias on the plane from Amsterdam to SAN Francisco. We had a great flightduring which we did many things (read/eat the paper, talk to/dribble on the retired Scandinavian Studies professor sitting next to us etc) except sleeping. I don’t think Ilias has ever been awake for this long previously. He was too busy having fun and flirting with people. getting into the US was unusually easy. We were picked up by our great babysitter Desiree who drove us to our apartment. At 5pm local time (1am for us) Ilias fell asleep so I had a chance to organize our things a bit until I too collapsde at 8pm. Upside of all this awakeness was that we sleept all night until 6:45am the next morning. Desiree came, and I went to register myself at the conference Center. The weather is incredibly summery and paradisical here and the conference intimidatingly well organized. Paul Knevel who I am traveling with and who I have proposed our panel with, immediately introduced me to lots of people and I found some people I already knew through twitter. Then we went for a walk around Monterey Ans down Cannery Row (famous because of John Steinbeck’s novel) – a weird but intriguing piece of public history that is. I went home to feed Ilias and then back to attend my first ever THAT-camp, which I’m having some difficulty ,keeping up with, but is interesting just because now I have an impression of what that is. More soon!

ps sorry about the mistakes in this post – can’t take them out right now, but will do soon!

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  1. Margaret Voorhees schreef:

    Welcome to America Sara. Hope everything continues to be as “easy” as
    it is so far and that your adventure in Monterey continues. Will you have
    time to see the acquarium there? It is considered to be an excellent one.
    Best wishes. MV

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