A Regular Week @ Yale

ViSa at YaleNow that things are beginning to settle down, we start to look like this. And our week in very schematic terms looks like this: on Monday morning we leave home all together at 8:00 and drop the kids off at their preschool. We park the car there and Vincent and I walk over together to downtown New Haven (15 minutes or so), where we work in buildings close together. We both work – and because we are so close together we tend to have lunch together. Then we work more, and together collect the kids at 5:00pm. On Tuesdays I go to work by bus, while Vincent stays home with the kids. Wednesday is like Monday, Thursday is like Tuesday, except that I stay home with the kids & and there is a playgroup at the local library that morning. Friday is like Monday and Wednesday. In the weekend we go raspberry-picking (well, once so far, but I think there’ll be more of that), and we go to the local farmer’s market, because that is the only way to come by good bread, and Dutch as we are, we think that’s important.  Of course, there are always lots of changes to this basic schedule, for instance because there is a barbecue for Yale grads with children (see photo). Just in case you didn’t believe we’re privileged. I can’t quite believe it either.

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