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I am Sara Polak. My PhD research was about Franklin D. Roosevelt as a cultural icon in American memory (Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society). For that I studied recent cultural artifacts – films, novels, popular biographies, documentaries, memorials and museums – to understand how the representations of FDR have developed since 1945, and especially what Roosevelt himself did to manage his own public image for the future. I defended my dissertation on 8 December 2015, and am currently assistant professor in American Studies. I am married to Vincent, and mother of Abel and Ilias. This blog is a research journal, to inform whoever is interested about my findings.

3 reacties op About Sara

  1. Margaret Voorhees schreef:

    Dear Sara, Your mother-in-law, Margreet, asked me to read your blog and respond.
    I am very impressed with how well you are balancing all your activities with your life. Whew!

    I am in my eighties and my husband in his nineties. We are both impressed with what Roosevelt did to help people survive. We recently read an article about him in the New Yorker and I will look for the issue and let you know the date if that is something you would want to read. MSV

  2. Dr C.R. Staalman schreef:

    Sara, fenomenaal, mijn complimenten. Wens je veel succes by Yale!

  3. Henk Schonewille schreef:

    Congratulations on receiving a Fulbright scholarship. Fantastic!
    I wish you both a good research semester at Yale and, for you as a family, a great stay in New Haven.
    Keep us informed.

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