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Wednesday – Memory Day: Towards a More Visual Culture

On the day America officially ended its neutrality in World War Two and declared war on Japan, Roosevelt held his iconic Infamy Speech, which was filmed as footage for newsreels,. Roosevelt did not object to being filmed, but he also … Lees verder

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My week (and some more murals)

First of all: thanks to everybody who responded (online or in real life) to my plea for help with interpreting art & architecture – you’ve made my week. Seriously, you’ve been super helpful, to the point that it feels slightly … Lees verder

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Autofabrication through Post Office Murals? (A Plea for Help)

As you will have gathered from some of my previous posts (like this one and this one) and from my radio silence in the last few days: I am very busy writing a chapter – two actually – about Roosevelt’s … Lees verder

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My Week & New Deal Autofabrication

The first part of this post should obviously have been written last Friday, but I was busy having a friend and her nearly-two-year-old son to stay. Writing it now, however, enables me to include a very illuminating conversation with her, that … Lees verder

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Thursday – FDR Trivia: The First 100 Days (in celebration of my first 100 tweets)

Remember the First Hundred Days of Barack Obama? Remember the 100-day tour of Dutch society that the fourth Balkenende coalition made at its inception? Franklin Roosevelt is the originator of that cultural and political tradition to mark off the First … Lees verder

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Thursday: FDR Trivia – The Bat Bomb Project

A problem of this blog is that it looks as if I am only really interested in Franklin Roosevelt, and particularly FDR anecdotes, when actually in my research FDR is a case study to better understand my primary interest: how … Lees verder

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