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Autofabrication Through Philately

First of all: sorry about the long absence! I was not even busy with work, but on holiday high up in the Alps, where there are very few wireless internet waves in the air (nor quite enough oxygen). It won’t … Lees verder

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True or False? FDR Collected Stamps

One famous anecdote about FDR is that he collected stamps. This for instance plays a role in Philip Roth’s novel The Plot Against America and the recent movie Hyde Park on Hudson (starring Bill Murray). This picture of Roosevelt with … Lees verder

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April 12th & My Week

It is precisely 68 years ago today that Franklin Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage around lunchtime in Warm Springs, Georgia. He had gone to his “Little White House” (which was part of the polio rehabilitation center he had founded … Lees verder

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Tuesday: Media Day

On the occasion of my birthday, half a year ago, a friend found this picture for me. It is the program of the 1936 Birthday Ball for the President To Fight Infantile Paralysis. I find it very intriguing and am … Lees verder

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Thursday – FDR Trivia: The First 100 Days (in celebration of my first 100 tweets)

Remember the First Hundred Days of Barack Obama? Remember the 100-day tour of Dutch society that the fourth Balkenende coalition made at its inception? Franklin Roosevelt is the originator of that cultural and political tradition to mark off the First … Lees verder

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