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Saturday – News and Events

On Monday April 22nd, 13:15 I will be presenting part of my dissertation at the Huizinga PhD symposium. Actually, I won’t present a particular part (as in a specific chapter), but rather one of the dissertation’s key underlying thoughts. Essentially … Lees verder

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Friday – My Week

First of all I should explain that Friday’s topic title is a reference to Eleanor Roosevelt’s newspaper column My Day. She wrote this column six days a week from 1935 to 1962. So while I’m aware I’m being stupidly overambitious … Lees verder

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Thursday: FDR Trivia – The Bat Bomb Project

A problem of this blog is that it looks as if I am only really interested in Franklin Roosevelt, and particularly FDR anecdotes, when actually in my research FDR is a case study to better understand my primary interest: how … Lees verder

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Wednesday – Memory day: “The First Time I Saw My Father Cry”

In the wake of “De Wereld Leert Door”,  I have received various emails along these lines: Dear Sara, I was born in 1944. My father was in the army so he couldn’t be there, but he named me Franklin, after … Lees verder

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Tuesday – Media Day: Was FDR really the first spin doctor?

I categorically forbid my students to argue that someone was the first to do something. At least I discourage them, preferably by coming up with a counterexample showing that someone else did the same or something similar before. Now, in … Lees verder

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Monday – Autofabrication Day

All famous academics have coined a concept, so in a wave of megalomania I thought I should do one too. Autofabrication. Basically, it is a response to the fact that Stephen Greenblatt’s term self-fashioning is often misused as meaning “creating … Lees verder

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Sunday – Miscellaneous: The Wheelchair

Of the thousands of iconic photos of Franklin D. Roosevelt, this is the only one in which he sits in his wheelchair, which goes to show how successful he was to steering his own fabrication in the media as US … Lees verder

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My Week: First time on television: FDR as his own spindoctor

De Wereld Leert Door, 22 March 2013  

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