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FDR American Badass!

In the context of my current investigation of how the Second World War – and Roosevelt in relation to the war – have acquired their iconic status in American memory and popular culture, I try to watch all war movies … Lees verder

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News and Events: The LUCAS Party

Saturday is really Events day, but the memorable event of this week was on Friday (although it continued well into Saturday): the LUCAS party, organized by the LUCAS PhD Council (of which I am chair, until this coming summer). It … Lees verder

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Are Visual (or Cinematic?) Representations Likelier to Be Celebratory?

As we have seen in the previous two posts, a novel that makes conjectures about what would have happened if Roosevelt had not been president during the Second World War, easily sparks discussion. What is the underlying point such a … Lees verder

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My week & guest posting Isabelle Ley

    My friend, dr. Isabelle Ley, wrote to me in response to my previous post: Dear Sara, just reading your thoughts on the “relativity of history” I agree and disagree: I also think (as a laywoman) that history is … Lees verder

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Memory Day: What is the Plot FOR America?

Today I taught my last class before the summer, and therefore also the last class of this entire year. An odd feeling – the kind of thing I tend to really look forward to, and then, as soon as it … Lees verder

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How Do You Find Good Calls for Papers? (A Search Challenge)

This seems to be the first time I have missed the opportunity to write about My Week. Which is a pity, because I particularly enjoy looking back each Friday to see what I’ve been up to, and also to read … Lees verder

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True or False? FDR Collected Stamps

One famous anecdote about FDR is that he collected stamps. This for instance plays a role in Philip Roth’s novel The Plot Against America and the recent movie Hyde Park on Hudson (starring Bill Murray). This picture of Roosevelt with … Lees verder

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