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Prosthetic memory

The abundance of writing, film, sculpture and other kinds of portrayals of FDR’s disability in popular culture and elsewhere and the overwhelming media sensation a tiny clip of footage of Roosevelt in a wheelchair causes, suggests to me that we … Lees verder

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Werewolves, Nazis & Their Hunters: Lonesome Wanderers or Contagious Group Creatures?

I like to believe I’m efficient. I don’t keep a strict distance between my work and the rest of my life, which means I can work with a baby in my lap, and do household chores while mulling over a … Lees verder

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My week after 3 weeks of blog absence

My week was marked by an extreme and unusual absence of anything related to research or work. Instead, I gave birth to our second son, very early in the morning of last Sunday. We proudly present: Ilias Wouter – born … Lees verder

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