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My Week: Will the Back Office Strike Back?

I have the unhelpful habit to reflect on Friday evenings that I haven’t done enough work in the past week. I don’t seriously believe this – it’s rather that, when walking uphill you constantly see how much climbing there still … Lees verder

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Authenticity and the Tree of Knowledge

Yesterday I saw this new Dove advertisement and was entirely taken in. Against my better judgement – this is after all commercial advertising, intended to sell a product. Still, call me sentimental, but I find this a beautiful and relatable … Lees verder

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“Scare quotes”

Scare quotes – quotation marks around a word or phrase which is not actually a proper, referenced quotation – I tend to “dislike” them. The reason for this is that it is often entirely unclear what the inverted commas mean. … Lees verder

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It’s been a while since I’ve written about developments in my work life, but in summary: I’ve been rather engaged in developing future plans. I feel edgy blogging about those plans because it is not yet sure whether they will … Lees verder

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Fabricating Authenticity

Happy new year! Recently I’ve been following (and somewhat half-heartedly participating in) a discussion on Twitter about authenticity. Half-heartedly because it quickly proved impossible for me to say anything meaningful in 140 characters about it. There are provocative nuggets of … Lees verder

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