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The Perfect Allegory

It occurred to me that I am incredibly unfaithful to my promise to write about certain issues on certain days (see color coded topic in the right margin). It’s been forever since I have discussed Autofabrication on a Monday. I … Lees verder

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“Does my cock still work?” – the Masculinity of a Disabled President

Upon hearing his diagnosis with polio, Franklin Roosevelt in FDR American Badass! is uninterested in the fact that his legs are paralyzed. He has only one urgent question [0:20 in the trailer]. The answer is yes – “Nurse has run … Lees verder

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News and Events: Legal Bodies and Kennis-op-straat

So, this is the poster of my first ever keynote lecture. Designed by Siebe Bluijs (but I wrote most of the text). Bloody proud. On a similar level of cool: I can now be booked to talk about my research … Lees verder

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FDR’s Act of Mobility

It’s been a while since I wrote about FDR, which of course is odd for a blog that purports to be about his remembrance. But the other day, someone addressed my attention to the many photos of FDR in a … Lees verder

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