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What is the best advice you ever got?

Intermediair is a Dutch magazine aimed at young “high potentials” that used to live off its many job listings. Now it only appears online, and I’m probably too old anyway, so I no longer read it, but it used to … Lees verder

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Getting to Monterey (post for people back home)

So this is Ilias on the plane from Amsterdam to SAN Francisco. We had a great flightduring which we did many things (read/eat the paper, talk to/dribble on the retired Scandinavian Studies professor sitting next to us etc) except sleeping. … Lees verder

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My Year of Blogging

This is the 60th post on this blog. And what is more: it is now a year since I posted the first one. Thankfully we live in a time in which we are entirely used to expecting babies to reach … Lees verder

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NCPH 2014 in Monterey

Next week I’m going to a conference in Monterey, California (near San Francisco). It is the annual meeting of the National Council on Public History and the whole adventure is extremely exciting. For one thing because it is so far … Lees verder

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Same image, more thoughts

Thank you everybody for sharing your thoughts and ideas about this photo! I’ll summarize briefly what some of you have said and asked about it. First of all, many people responded to my use of the word iconic. Is this … Lees verder

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History of an Iconic Image – plea for help

This is now a very famous and often used photo of FDR. In a wheelchair. It is the only photograph of him in a wheelchair, or at least, the only one that has been distributed widely. It was taken in … Lees verder

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