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Close-reading a famous photo

My friend Faidra is a professional photographer (incidentally, the one who has taken this picture), and together we close-read this intriguing photograph. One thing she noted is that the little girl is standing entirely in the space that FDR is … Lees verder

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Good news x2

The next post will be about my research proper again. Promise. Yesterday I discussed my chapter “Prosthetic Memory and the Dynamics of Disability” – about which I complained only days ago – with my advisor. He thought it was good. … Lees verder

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The Wheelchair Photo: Blogging as a Resource

You probably remember me going on about this photo, trying to find out when it became a well-known and to some extent famous image. I haven’t figured it out yet, but some of the responses I have received through this … Lees verder

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NCPH Monterey (finally)

When the secretary of my institute asked me to write something for its April newsletter, I realized that I hadn’t properly blogged about my NCPH experience yet. In short: it was really great. Long and nuanced: I realize that for … Lees verder

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