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20 new PhDs in the Humanities (NWO Duurzaam)

My PhD project is sponsored by NWO – the Dutch organization for academic research – through a program called PhDs in the Humanities. It works like this: each Dutch university is allowed to propose a set number of candidates (4 … Lees verder

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Footage of Roosevelt on Foot

It is almost a year ago that I was surprised that eight seconds of footage of Roosevelt in a wheelchair made it into the world news. You couldn’t even really see the wheelchair – but perhaps it was mainly an … Lees verder

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Cultural Politics of Memory Conference Cardiff 14-16 May

It is over a week ago now that I returned from the Cultural Politics of Memory conference at the University of Cardiff. I really enjoyed the conference – many new and interesting people, great conversations, and I always love being … Lees verder

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If You Ask Me

Some advertizing to start: have you already read my news about Yale? And have you seen the house in which we may live there? But the real thing I wanted to write about is this: Eleanor Roosevelt’s newspaper and magazine … Lees verder

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A Lengthy Disclaimer

My previous post was whimsical and must not be taken too seriously. I never did take it very seriously, although I still believe it remains important to understand what this photo can be made to mean in the present, and … Lees verder

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