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Couples on holiday

We are currently on holiday (well, a long weekend) in Groningen. We’re camping – an important first time for the kids – with Gert & José Datema, whose farm, campsite and B&B I first visited in 1993 and which I … Lees verder

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Mary Todd Lincoln

In previous blogposts I have discussed the two Franklin Roosevelt films that came out in 2012 (Hyde Park on Hudson and FDR American Badass!), but that year also saw two Abraham Lincoln movies: the Lincoln (Steven Spielberg, starring Daniel Day … Lees verder

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Eleanor? Roosevelt? Eleanor Roosevelt? ER?

I am currently working on a chapter treating Eleanor Roosevelt as an element in FDR’s autofabrication and in his public image as it has developed since. One problem that keeps cropping up is what to call her. I often tell … Lees verder

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More serious blogging to follow soon, but I just realized that I have not yet advertised this book. Of which I have written page 265-284. You can even open this link and scroll down a few pages to see my name … Lees verder

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