PhD Defense in 15 Pictures

02015-12-08 16-06-17

Very many people

02015-12-08 16-10-42

Vincent, me, Tobias & Beerd

02015-12-08 17-02-47

Hora est

02015-12-08 17-04-08

The Dress

02015-12-08 17-06-33


02015-12-08 17-07-31

Dr. S.P.

02015-12-08 17-19-05


02015-12-08 17-24-48

The line that wasn’t supposed to be

02015-12-08 17-59-06


02015-12-08 18-16-43

no title

02015-12-08 19-06-51


02015-12-08 19-15-10


02015-12-08 20-19-09


02015-12-08 20-19-38


02015-12-08 21-02-16

Happy Days Are Here Again! (Champagne Charlie)


Many thanks to Maaike Warnaar and Tjerk Jan Schuitmaker for taking these and many other beautiful pictures, and to everyone in them for being there!

Happy holidays!


Over Sara Polak

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Één reactie op PhD Defense in 15 Pictures

  1. Margaret S. Voorhees schreef:

    Congratulations. How satisfying it must be after so much hard work.
    We have just had a week with your cousin Chaja Deen and her father
    Nathan here and they both told me first about your achievemet and that you
    now have a university position. . It
    has been for us a very special time to have them both here – especially
    Nathan as we have not seen him for too many years.
    All of the events in the picture look impressive and then when I saw
    the huge amount of food that was taken I am wondering if that was
    just for your family and friends!

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