Being an academic, certainly in my field, and especially now, inevitably implies being an activist. I dislike the term ‘valorization’ for academic research, because it suggests such research has little inherent value. But I am passionate about making academic research accessible and useful. Conversely, insights from outside of academia, and from students and colleagues are vital to my research.

I best express myself in writing for a larger audience. I write columns about American politics, history and culture for a range of Dutch local newspapers including Leidsch Dagblad, Noordhollands Dagblad and Gooi- en Eemlander. Those pieces can be read under News.

More about my expertise can be found in my Science On Air Media profile (Dutch).

And to give some sense of what I sound and look like in other media:

TinekeShow Radio 5 (Dutch radio, 12 September 2016)

Nieuws en Co Radio 1 (Dutch radio, 8 November 2016)

De Wereld Leert Door (Dutch television, 22 March 2013)